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Connecting is something that we all crave, it’s important in every aspect of our lives. We need it for ourselves, for our careers, our families, our partners. Yet at the same time, there are so many barriers we encounter with connection. From past trauma to anxiety, to underperformance to insecurity we are left wondering what to do next.

Creating or enhancing our connection to ourselves or those around us is what I specialize in.

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Connecting to Ourselves

What does it mean to be an authentic person?

To settle in our skin, know our wants and needs, and responds from those?

How could it look, if our desired inner life, matched our outer reality?

These are often the questions clients ask themselves when they first come into my office (and damn that last question was deep). They want to know to change, how to connect with themselves again, but they don’t know how.


And if this is you, know that there is hope.


As a trained therapist and life coach, I’ve worked with countless individuals, to rediscover themselves. Feel free to learn more about me, my style or set up an appointment with me.

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Connecting to Others

Or maybe you know who you are, but things are not right in your current romantic or social relationships.  You find yourselves fighting over small things, the distance seems to be growing and you might find yourselves asking questions like:


Who is this person?

Why did I get involved with them?

Can this even work?



Lots of the couples I’ve worked with, tend to ask these sorts of questions. They don’t know where, or how things went wrong, but they know something is off. Regardless of where you are now, things can change.

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